Rave Festival Fashion Trends for 2021

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What is Rave Festival

A rave is a large dance party that features either DJs or live performers that play electronic dance music. Rave festivals aren't like other festivals. You will feel highly energised at a rave, to the point where you can't help yourself but up and dance. Due to its music genre, it made a name for itself amongst all other festivals. You can enjoy Trance,Trap,Dubstep,Drum & Bass, Future, Garage, Hardstyle, House, Moombahton and Techno genres of music.In addition, rave festival fashion is another key component to its uniqueness. The idea of Rave fashion is to stand out and express oneself. Throughout the evening we get to see a lot of different styles and outfits worn by the crowd. Wearing colorful and cool clothing and themed costumes have become the soul of a festival. At raves, you’ll see a lot of the latest trends.Let's take a look at top rave festival outfits to wear in 2021:

Festival Harem Pants

In rave festivals, both men and women wear harem pants. A harem pant is a style of pants similar to the dhoti. Originally introduced to the west around 1910, dhoti have undergone many design variations to become harem pants. Harem pants are most popular nowadays because of their baggy feature from the middle length, the way the top part of it perfectly holds the waist and fits tight around the ankles, these qualities serve to enhance the comfort level. Make sure to check out trending harem pants for men here.

You can find pants in a wide number of cool designs, color themed, textures, great quality, and most stylish types. These features make harem pants the ideal choice when attending festivals. These pants are such a versatile outfit that you can wear them at a variety of occasions throughout the year. Their versatility enables them to represent a wide variety of events.

Festival Tops

Festival tops is another popular outfit in rave festivals. These tops are popular among both men and women. This outfit is the summer friendly and perfectly fits for festivals due its wide range of unique designs, attractive colors and amazing diverse varieties. Cotton tops are ideal for this warm season, since festival season offers the perfect opportunity for these tank tops to be worn. These tank tops are made from 100% cotton to keep you comfortable so that you can have a great time on the festival floor.

Festival shorts

No doubt shorts are everyone's favourite apparel for summer festivals especially for rave festivals. Nowadays, shorts are becoming more popular with men than with women.  On rave festivals and beaches, we see a lot of men wearing shorts. Shorts are incredibly versatile, including chino shorts, denim shorts, cargo shorts, and swim shorts. Pairing shorts with colorful shirts creates a strong eye-catching vibe.

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